The College offers its condolences to…
The family of Elizabeth Snow Thompson ’60 of Standish, Maine. Beth’s husband, Lester Thompson, passed away on April 28, 2014.
The family of Linda Roy ’93 of Lewiston, Maine. Linda’s partner, Jim Lydick, passed away on Thursday, September 27, 2014.
The family of Caitlin J. Weston ’09 of Gainesville, Florida, who passed away on October 25, 2014, following a long illness.

Maryan Clark Davis ’11

Maryan Clark Davis ’11 of Laconia, New Hampshire, is now in her second year of a three-year diaconal formation process for ordination at the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire.

Christopher D. Brandes ’10 and Ashley L Dolan ’11

Christopher D. Brandes ’10 and Ashley L Dolan ’11, both former chairs of the College’s Eco-Reps and active participants at Pearson’s Town Farm, were married on June 14, 2014. Now living in Amherst, New Hampshire, Ashely is a pediatric nurse at Elliot Hospital in Manchester, and Chris is a 9th-grade honors biology and sustainability teacher at the Advanced Math and Science Academy in Marlborough, Massachusetts. The wedding took place at the Wolfeboro Inn in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, having SJC friends Matt Coutreau ’10, AJ Derosiers ’10, and Nate Shearer ’11 as groomsmen.

Carol Rochette Wright ’66

Carol Rochette Wright ’66 of Worcester, Massachusetts, has completed one full year of retirement. She enjoys it but believes it is a big change. She and her husband go on day trips with a local seniors’ group. They have a new family member named Sammy, a one-year-old cocker spaniel. They are busy and lovin’ it.

Ryan Prescott ’09

Ryan Prescott ’09 of Gardner, Massachusetts, has received a new job as an athletic director and enrichment coordinator at Sizer School in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Cheryl Mudgett Bachinski ’92

Cheryl Mudgett Bachinski ’92, RN, of Northfield, Massachusetts, is in her 11th year as a school nurse in Hinsdale, New Hampshire. Her husband is now retired after being self-employed and working in the military. Both her daughters, Heather and Katie, are now college graduates. Her and her family love farming, camping, and outdoor activities.

Dr. Daniel Berman ’06

Dr. Daniel Berman ’06 of Fernandina Beach, Florida, will be the keynote speaker at the 2014 Biennial Symposium for the Jacksonville Association of Nurses in Education on Saturday, November 15, 2014, at the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. He will be presenting on how nurse educators should respond to health care reform and the change in nursing approach. Dr.

Barbara Sheehan McClary ’86

Barbara Sheehan McClary ’86 of Calera, Alabama, has now retired after 53 years in nursing. Although she really enjoyed doing the work of Jesus through her nursing, she now considers herself blessed to be with her husband full time.

Arlene “Lena” Tebbetts ’06

Arlene “Lena” Tebbetts ’06 of Framingham, Massachusetts, has achieved tenure as associate professor in nursing at Mass Bay Community College in Framingham. She has also successfully passed the Nurse Educator Certification and has completed course work for her PhD in education/nursing education.

Nicole Prescott ’09

Nicole Prescott ’09 of Gardner, Massachusetts, is now in her sixth year as a registered nurse in Keene, New Hampshire.